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fire out. >> i tried to put it out with fire extinguishers, but caught on too fast. it was devastating. there was nothing i could do. it ignited real fast. >> we haven't had a very good insurance policy because of the business we do for the semiconductor. so the employees will be covered as far as loss, salary, wages. >> reporter: while cnh enterprises makes components out of aluminum used in the semiconductor industry. tomorrow the company will meet with employees to try to discuss how to resume operations here as soon as possible, either here or at a very nearby location. the cause of the fire at the moment unknown. i've in fremont, abc 7 news. >> thank you. >> we want to show you more video of the fire sent.
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in. you can see a apartment complex in the foreground. those plumes of black smoke pouring from the plant. we posted more video and photographs along with video taken by a sky 7hd on our web site. >> more break husband, oakland police investigating a homicide. a man shot in the middle of a resident street. 83rd avenue and e street. you can see the police have closed off that block while they try to figure out exactly what happened. no word yet on a motive or possible systems in this killing. shock and anguish for the families of those being cared for at the sonoma developmental center, it provides care to hundreds of patients patients wh intellectual challenges. regulators are yanking the facility's license. vic lee has more on why is this happening? >> reporter: dan, the sonoma developmental center had a troubling history. reported abuses and poor
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investigations by its police force. and now the department of public health has moved to shut down a major portion of the center. the program that cares for patients with severe disabilities who aren't bedridden by live on the premises. >> if they close us, i mean, i don't know what we're going to do. >> reporter: she heads the group of family members and advocates of those being treated at the sonoma developmental center. her autistic son, dan, is one of some 300 residents with severe disabilities. if the sonoma center is shut down, she will have to find someplace else for him. >> i don't know where that's going to be. i mean, that's what's really scaring families like me because that's my kid. >> reporter: miller says the institution was making positive changes. that's why she was truly surprised by the news. but that's not how the state regulators see it. the public health department which monitors the state's file
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developmental centers concluded after years of noncompliance that patients at sonoma have been repeatedly put at risk of injury, sexual abuse, and even death. in particular, the center's internal police force, office of protective services has been under fire for its lax investigations. in 2006, the u.s. justice department review found the department's investigations failed to reconcile evidence appropriately, failed to include interviews of relevant staff and residents, and failed to determine the cause of serious incidents. the public health department's decision to yank the center's operating license comes after a series of reports by abc 7 and california watch. they include an incident in the fall of last year where a dozen patients at the center had been tasered. the office of protective services discovered a taser gun in the car of staff member who was later fired but never criminally charged, nor was
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anyone else. dessertification would mean the loss of tens of millions of dollars in medicaid funding for the program at sonoma. federal funding pays for much of the $300,000 a year care perez dent. kathleen miller still has faith that the center will make the necessary changes. >> that's very shocking and very disturbing and i hope that they're going to give us some time to turn it around. >> reporter: the sonoma developmental center will appeal the order and that it will continue making changes. they've started by asking the assistant chief of the chb to temporarily take over their internal police force. sonoma center can stay open and continue receiving federal funds during the appeals process. abc 7 news. >> thank you. extra security will be on site tomorrow at two schools after a bomb threat forced them to shut down.
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threats scrawled on a wall. it claimed there was a bomb in a school that included a threat against a teacher. lincoln elementary and another school schutt down for the day. no bomb found, but frightening for students and neighbors. >> pretty big deal, because, first of all, there was a name involved. >> it's like mass disruption. >> sheriff's deputies will be at both schools tomorrow. >> is that right say they're making sure the teacher named in the threat is receiving protection. a san francisco police officer has been reassigned and an investigation is underway tonight over facebook post. the officer behind it, sergeant carl t bragged about going on a drunken high speed joy ride. he's on desk duty while an internal affairs investigation gets underway. the chief had harsh words for the officer today. >> it's just beyond
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irresponsible and dumb. i was out of town yesterday, so my first act to get back was to reassign the sergeant out of patrol. nobody with such poor judgment should be around the younger officers. >> reporter: he has been backing away from his facebook post ever since. in an interview with the sf weekly, he said it was meant to be tongue in cheek. he now faces suspension. one of the bay area's biggest political scandals of the year took a major turn today. nadia lockier, wife of state treasurer bill lockier, dropped her request for a restraining order against her former boyfriend. dan was the only reporter at the hearing and here with more on this for us. >> reporter: i've been text with the former boyfriend. the story is a meth use with nadia and of a sex tape factored into her resigning as county supervisor and now she appears to be doing well in rehab, but he is in a very dark place.
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nadia did not come to court this morning. she remains in a southern california rehab center now 107 days sober. nadia texted the i team last month. i am looking forward to this road on recovery and a new way of life. >> her counselors have hope for her to come out of this process and move on with her life. so from all indications, things are going well. >> reporter: her attorney asked the judge to delay hearing her request for a restraining order against former boyfriend steve until she gets out of rehab in february. the scandal blew up ten months ago after a violent confrontation between the two at this newark motel. it left her with scrapes and deep bruises. but authorities declined to press charges. after she publicly discussed their meth use. she resigned from the board of supervisors and entered rehab. today the judge suggested dropping the issue of a restraining order for now and
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rescheduling if necessary when nadia returns to the bay area. >> so the court would take the matter off the calendar and if we want to do reissue, we'll do that. okay. good enough. >> what do you think the odds are of you coming back? you think it could die right here? >> i think is a good chance this could die here. nadia will go through treatment and reconsider her options and one of the options will be, of course, to continue to pursue this. another option may be to let matters lie the way they are and move on. >> reporter: nadia's husband, bill, filed for divorce in july. but it's now on hold, that bill and nadia are working well together. bill's paying for rehab and bringing their son to southern california regularly to visit nadia. it's a much different story for steve. there is a warrant for his arrest after he missed a court appearance. police say he tried osteal a sweatshirt while high on meth in august. i texted him before the hearing today, asking if he would attend. he answered, not feeling like
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going to jail and they would take me if i showed. i can't get past this. the connection her and i had was so strong. last night i slept on the streets again. i lost everything because of her and the life she forced me into. this hole i'm in is so deep, i can't get out of. in the past i could pull myself together. i can't find that strength in me. it's just not there. what is there instead is a welcoming that my end will be soon. i can't live like this. i tried to call him several times to see if he's okay and just got his voice mail. i'm posting screen shots of those texts at >> by the way, nadia is still facing drug and child endangerment charges in southern california, but her lawyer says the case may be dropped if she continues to do well in rehab. >> all right. thanks. still ahead, a new campaign aimed at ending domestic violence in san francisco.
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a fight being waged in the shadow of the sheriff's department scandal. >> and it's the mother of all high tide. another king tide. tonight you can help document it. >> we have another king tide coming tomorrow morning. it's going to be another freezing cold night for some parts of the bay area. i'll tell where you the frost advisories are. >> i'm michael finney, ahead on 7 on your side, i show you where
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san francisco mayor ed lee is launching a domestic violence awareness campaign. this comes at the end of a year of major publicity over a public official caught up in domestic violence charges. abc 7's news reporter mark is in the news. that put the sheriff and the mayor at odds. >> reporter: we're talking about the sheriff's domestic violence charge and his eventual misdemeanor plea agreement and then the mayor's unsuccessful attempt to oust the sheriff from his job. today everyone i talked to insisted this isn't political. >> we are both an outspoken, advocates and we share a strong voice against domestic violence. >> reporter: mayor's office was packed with advocates for women's shelters, police officers and prosecutors as the mayor announced his new public awareness campaign. >> domestic violence goes up during the holidays. there is a lot of depression that goes along with holidays and we understand that. so peace at home is a campaign
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to try to address that right away. >> reporter: not attending today's lunch was the sheriff, or anyone from the sheriff's department. >> well, they're not part of this piece of legislation. >> reporter: the mayor denied his campaign was aimed in any way at the sheriff. though he and board president david cure and district attorney have all been part of the push to get rid of the sheriff after he bruised his wife's arm during an argument last new year's eve. today david chiou and the d.a. both said today's push isn't about that. >> this is really about protecting victims of domestic violence. >> the number of calls to our hot lines increased by 37%. >> reporter: board of supervisors president says the domestic violence awareness campaign is needed because the numbers are going the wrong way. this year there has been more coverage of domestic violence issues because of the case than san francisco experts say they've seen in, well, maybe forever. >> certainly the message has been amplified from city hall
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and we're glad to see it because we see it every day for 30 years. >> reporter: we caught up with the sheriff in front of the women's resource center where he was taking part in the sheriff's toy drive and i asked if the mayor or the d.a. had changed their opposition to working with him on their domestic violence campaign. >> there hasn't been a conversation by them, but i continue to have directly with me. but i continue to reach out to them. >> reporter: the sheriff says he isn't about to resign and he isn't paying attention to new efforts to have him recalled. in the news room, mark matthews, abc 7 news. >> thank you. back again today, the december high tide known as king tide swamped coast lines. these tides occur when the sun, moon and earth are if alignment. some say climate change will make high water events like these more common. >> open a conversation in a way where it's no longer polarized,
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it becomes a conversation of look, this is what we have at risk now. how can we build our municipalities in such a way that they are resilient to sea level lives? >> in southern california, king tides nearly flooded a hotel. one man navigated the water with a surf board. the california king tide initiative wants you to help document the changes the tides are make. you can find out more about their project on our web site. and look under see it on tv. >> fascinating phenomenon. what a weird picture that is. >> yeah, it is. >> just kind of wading through it. >> exactly. we have another king tide tomorrow morning, 11:24, 7 feet. a little lower than today, but we still could see some flooding concerns tomorrow morning. we also have freezing cold conditions coming. >> oh, yeah. >> in case you didn't feel the chill. this morning temperatures, 30 to 44 degrees. carol posted, so cold, frost on the cars and houses this
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morning. brrr. we're headed there again. high definition east boy camera looking toward san francisco. tonight it is clear. we do have some clouds coming in ahead of the next storm. so first we're going to deal with the cold, then the wet. here is a look at live doppler 7hd. we had an isolated shower earlier. it's now gone. but this doppler will be tracking rain heading into tomorrow morning. look at the temperatures now after the highs and the lows to upper 50s. numbers are dropping fast. already 40 degrees in fairfield. 44 in livermore. 46 in napa. you know we're headed into another frosty night inland. light rain tomorrow, bigger storms are due in next week. i want to show you the frost advisory. it goes into effect at 2:00 a.m. tomorrow. runs until 8 a.m it's really for the east bay and salinas valley. patchy fog, count on frosty
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windshield. slippery on the sidewalks due to the patches of frost. you'll want to bundle up when you head out in the morning and make sure you have your rain gear with you. here is how it will play out. down to freezing in livermore, morgan hill, 33 in fairfield n practice. 34 in santa rosa. 33 in concorde. 36 in fremont. the clouds that are coming in ahead of the storm will actually help to hold the temperatures up just a little bit compared to last night. so keep that in mind. but it will start to get wet as we head into tomorrow. here is a look at the system for your friday. this one also coming out of the gulf of alaska. chance of light rain on friday. certainly is going to be on the cold side. series of storms lining up over the next seven days. you will need the rain gear as we head into the next seven days off and on. let me start our computer animation tomorrow morning. 5:00 a.m, just clouds. as we head into 8:00 o'clock hour, we start to see a few rain drops develop near the coast. and this is just going to be
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heading into the afternoon, a chance of a few showers. notice here it is not the storm of the century. tenths of an inch or less expected for this first system. really light amounts for the weekend as well. so highs for your friday, chilly. these look like lows, they're not lows. mid 40s to the low 50s with the light rain across the bay area. around the monterey bay, temperatures to remain on the chilly side as well. upper 40s to the mid 50s. you need a jacket and your rain gear for your friday. temperatures will come up slightly for the weekend. light rain chances. wet and windy for monday. that looks a little more like a moist system. milder one. we'll have cold showers tuesday and the 7-day forecast. the strongest of the series right now still looks like wednesday night, going into thursday. >> thanks. still to come, a look at why there is a disturbing increase in the number of young people smoking. >> and that's despite all those antismoking campaigns out there. stay with us. more to
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>> observation land and san francisco police department are trying to take back the streets by taking guns off of them. they announced community based
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and funded gun buy back program also take place saturday. one in each city. residents will get $200 per weapon with a limit of three per person. no questions asked. it's co-sponsored by the omega boys club and youth uprising. >> people are struggling and you're thinking about what does it mean to not have resources this holiday season that you can actually make a different choice in your life. you can actually turn in your firearm and we will actually give you the kinds of resources that you need. >> oakland, the program will take place at saint benedict's church in san francisco, it will be held at the omega boys club. at both, it's from 10:00 o'clock in the morning 'til 3 p.m you can find all this information on our web side of the, under see it on tv. state health officials are trying to figure out why more young people are lighting up these days. smoking tobacco among 18 to 24-year-olds is highest when compared to all age groups. young smokers say they started in high school. a recent study shows smoking is
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highest among high schoolers in neighborhoods with at least five stores that sell tobacco. at that makes sense. some say they smoke out of stress. >> jobs, i have three jobs right now. all of that was kind of like a lot of pressure. >> youth and young adults get addict to do tobacco, end up smoking their entire lives and suffer the health consequences. >> california projects it spends more than $6 billion a year dealing with smoking-related health care costs. now as far as antismoking campaign goes, for every dollar the state spends on these, the tobacco industry spends $8 to encourage smoking. a new report finds california's population is growing at the same pace as last year. the department of finance puts the number of people living here at 37.8 million. up by 250,000 from last year. most of that growth can be attributed to the birth rate. more than half a million babies were born to california families last year, twice the number of
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people who died. we also lost some population to migration. 14,000 moved out of state. while there are 14,000 more people moved out of state than moved in. >> interesting. >> there is a lot more to come tonight on abc 7 news. just ahead, story that you'll see only on abc 7 news. a bay area family reaches a settlement with the fireplace industry over a tragedy that happened in their home. >> and growing opposition on capitol hill. the u.n. ambassador drops out of the running for a job she hasn't even been nominated for. >> and san francisco's cabbies fight back. they don't like the apps their competitors are using. they're watching one of their own. stay with us. abc 7 news [ female announcer ] martinelli's gold medal sparkling cider
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is the perfect choice for holiday gatherings. martinelli's is non-alcoholic, festive like champagne, and tastes great! martinelli's: since 1868.
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changes are coming to those modern glass fronted gas fireplaces that many people have in their homes, perhaps you have one. new industry standards are being written in the next few weeks with the hope of reducing the number of people who get burned. heather is here with those changes. >> reporter: dan, facing
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mounting pressure and lawsuits, fireplace manufacturers will start attaching permanent protective screens on new fireplaces in 2015. a san francisco man whose baby daughter burned her hands on a glass fireplace feels that doesn't go far enough and does nothing to address the millions of fireplaces already in use. in 2010, then 11 month old sydney had to have skin taken from her thigh to repair third degree burns on her hands. a year later, she still was wearing compression gloves to protect her hands and faced more surgeries ahead. all because of this, a glass fireplace in her home. her toddler brother had started it with a remote during the day with a sitter. no one realized that the tiny flame was heating the screen all day long. in the summer time until late that evening when little sydney pressed her hands again the screen to stand up. the fireplace had come with an instruction booklet in french. they wished the manufacturer had done more to protect them. >> just a big fat red sticker on
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the window that says these things get 500 degrees would have been a good start. >> the other thing is i didn't know it was on. so i felt like, you know, a red light or something. >> reporter: now the manufacturers are doing something, enacting a voluntary standard for permanent attached screens or barriers on all new fireplaces start not guilty 2015. industry group stasis in the past several years, there has been reports of burns involving young children and others who may not have been aware of the potential risk of burns by touching the hot glass and surrounding panels on fireplaces, inserts and stoves. and though we believe these incidents are few and rare, even one is too many. on-line investigative nonprofit, fair warning, says between 1999 and 2009, 2,000 children aged five and under were burned on fireplace glass. >> i think the industry will take it on. there has been at least one
6:31 pm
class action lawsuit that we know of and i think that they will change and they will educate the public. >> but she would like to see more. the fireplace industry did just launch a consumer education campaign. you can find a link at our web site, the family has a personal injury lawsuit still in the works and they're part of a class action which is also still in process. dan, carolyn? >> heather, thanks. with her support fading on capitol hill, susan rice took herself out of the running to be the next secretary of state. rice had been considered one of the front runners for the job to be vacated next year by hillary clinton. but rice has come under fire for citing faulty intelligence on the attack in benghazi, libya, in which can a bay area diplomat was killed, along with three others. although she was never form leal nominated for the job, rice submitted a letter to president obama today predicting that the confirmation process would be lengthy, disruptive and costly. the president issued a statement accepting rice's decision, but
6:32 pm
noted the unfair and misleading attacks leveled against her. a spokesman for senator john mccain, one of her leading critic, said he would continue to seek all the facts surrounding the attack on the consulate in benghazi. rice's withdrawal gives massachusetts senator john kerry the inside track on the secretary of state job. let's focus on to me's money matters for a home of the bay area solar company shines on wall street after slashing its offering a price in half. solar city of foster city went public with its stock today at $8 a share. it gained almost 50%. solar city don't make them, this install them and hope to benefit from plunging prices. the rest of the market went the opposite direction today. the dow jones industrials lost 74 points. nasdaq fell 21. the s & p 500 closed off by 9. general motors rolled out its 2014 pickups today. they had more -- they are more refined and have more muscle than last year. gm put more than $3 billion into
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developing these new models. and hope to challenge ford, which has the number one selling truck. google maps are back on the iphone after replacing them with their own maps three-month ago. apple put a new map app and it became the number one free download. 90% gave it a five star rating. cabbies are fighting back, upset about apps that are private cars taking away their business. so they have launched an aggressive new campaign of their own with an app that let's you call a taxi to come pick you up. as jonathan explains, while the other apps are butting heads with government regulators, this one is working with them. >> reporter: as he drives his taxi through the bumpy streets of san francisco, a little smart phone mounted right below the meter starts to ring. the phone is running a brand-new app called fly wheel. if you're a customer, the app looks like this. a map of all the participating cabs in the city. >> you push one button, the one
6:34 pm
nearest to you gets assigned to you. >> reporter: the technology has been around for two years. some cab companies were using it even before they launched their app for calling black town cars. with the drive off, it's being reborn as fly wheel, complete with bold new advertising and a promise to help cabbies compete with the black cars and the lift drivers with their pink mustache. >> they get anywhere from 20 to 30% more rides a day by having these mobile apps able to access their vehicles real time. >> reporter: it's already in about a third of san francisco taxis. next to that other communication device. >> uhf radio. there hasn't been advancement in 50 years. now we have the power of this. >> reporter: fly wheel can replace older dispatch systems or in this case, work alongside the two-way radio to give the dispatcher's a bird's eye view of where the drivers are: by working with dispatchers instead of going around them, they managed to get broad support
6:35 pm
prosecute cab companyies. while lift, obviouser and side car battle fines from state investigator, fly wheel earned a glowing endorsement from the city. >> this company worked with us and it's something we will recommend. >> the mta says it plans to get all cab companies using location tracking so fly wheel and other apps like it can hail any cab in the city. just ahead, the hobbit is here. >> debuts tomorrow, but our don sanchez wasn't all that thrilled about what he saw. stay with
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much anticipated in theaters tomorrow, the hobbit with many of the same people who brought us the lord of the rings. >> it's filmed in 3d technology that's supposed to be very sharp. but some people claimed it made them sick. >> don sanchez looks healthy after seeing it. just not so happy. >> i'm looking for someone to share an adventure.
6:39 pm
>> but bilbo does, joining a band of dwarfs. these characters are on a mission. >> the dwarfs are determined to reclaim their home land. >> filled with gold and guarded bay dragon. >> back into the world. >> reporter: this film can't decide if it's action adventure drama or comedy. >> i'm surrounded by dwarfs. what are they doing here? >> reporter: it goes big scale action with scary monsters, the director likes to use a helicopter a lot. it's in 3d, one regular and one at 48 frames per second. that's really breath taking. it's a prequel to "lord of the rings." a smaller book, but it's a trilogy on film and that's why scenes go on so long. eventually there is quite a ride ahead. >> homes now behind you.
6:40 pm
the world is ahead. >> reporter: let's get back to the technology. 48 frames per second, double the regular speed. the picture is like a high def screen, unlike anything you've seen before. i was so focused on the quality of that picture, i was ignoring sop of the story which was easy to do because there were times that i was looking at my watch to see how long it would last. and this is a three-hour film. yeah, there is some visually spectacular scenes, but the film seems to have no heart. i will give it a little bit more than a half a bucket. i'm don sanchez, abc 7 news and we'll see you. >> no heart. coming up next, holiday shopping from 7 on your side. >> michael finney has a look at 25 web sites with cool gifts you can buy for under $25. stay with
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the bay area housing market continues its march toward normalcy. that's how the real estate information service data track
6:44 pm
describes november home sales. figures out today. 7300 homes were sold in the bay area last month. that's up 15.5% from last november. the median price of a $438,000 home now is up 20% from last year. according to data quick, higher end homes are selling better. foreclosure sales are lower than than five years. some people are still having trouble getting loans, but low interest rates are helping to make up for that to some degree. if you're like most of us, you're probably still looking for some unique gifts for the holidays. >> any gifts. tonight, michael finney is here to show us where to find stuff that's affordable. >> you're done! finding the right gift. we'll have you covered here. part of abc 7's exclusive partnership with "consumer reports," the people at shop smart have compiled a list of 25 web sites where you can find cool gifts for less than $25. tonight our first stop is right
6:45 pm
here in the bay area. lindsay sullivan is showing a lot of orders those days to meet the holiday rush. the san franciscan operates set boutique in the back room of her home just off russian hill and sells one of a kind items like this tablet cover. >> these are under $20. and the really interesting thing is that they're made out of mitts bushy car seats. >> reporter: the covers were made with the excess material that mitsubishi would have otherwise thrown await a minute everything she sells, like these recycled glass or $24 earrings come from manufacturers that are fair trade certified. >> my very first spenders are actually spenders that train survivors of human trafficking. >> reporter: at the time one of 25 retail web sites featured this month in shop smart magazine. >> and if you spend just $20, they will donate $5 to the charity of your choice.
6:46 pm
>> reporter: each web site featured or prescreened by their good customer service and privacy policies. that includes all-time candy where you can take your sweet tooth down memory lane. >> they have retro candy, all the fun stuff you remember from when you were a kid, whether it's wax lips or gummy worms or pop rocks from the '70s. >> reporter: if you're really stumped for a gift idea, check out that 19. you'll find novelty items like a hand cranked marshmallow and hot dog roaster for 18 bucks. or adjustable measuring cup and spoon for about $13. if you're really bored, enenjoy the zany videos, like the $13 giant gummy bear on a stick. >> it's enough gummy bear to feed a family of six. research shows this piece of candy tastes just like an ordinary gummy bear. >> reporter: finally, if you would rather shop somewhere with more name recognition, shop
6:47 pm
smart likes indian crafted brace candle snuffers. >> what's great is they have unique things at very low price points. >> you can find the complete list of web sites for cool gifts under $25 in this month's issue of shop smart. and also i linked all the sites on they're listed under 7 on your side and yes, you can get a giant gummy bear on a stick. [ laughter ] >> i like it. i like the old candy. >> thanks. >> we want to thank you for make abc 7 share your holiday food drive such a success. you donated more than $22,000 to bay area food banks yesterday. that translates to food for 70,000 people. share your holiday food drive continues through december 31. you can donate by calling or give $10 by texting feed to
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80077. >> so we still have a ways to go here. let's update the weather forecast and rain coming back. >> yeah. sandy is in for spencer tonight. >> yeah. first we're going to freeze tonight and then we'll see the wet weather. here is a look, radar on mount saint helena, not tracking rain u about it will be soon. a system coming in tomorrow and then really a series of systems over the next seven days. i want to show you a computer animation. a chance as we head into tomorrow morning. and into the afternoon. so very light rain with this first system. the second one is over the weekend. that will produce light rain. snow for the sierra nevada with that system a cold one again. then a third one that looks milder and wetter for your monday. that is definitely going to produce some breezy conditions and then another system will follow wednesday afternoon, evening, going into thursday. this one looks like the strongest of the storms. that's just a look at the week ahead. accuweather 7 forecast, off and on showers for the weekend. keep your umbrellas handy.
6:49 pm
more wet weather monday into tuesday. and you'll notice wednesday into thursday. so early arrival of the winter chill. and also the wet weather. >> all right. thanks. on to sports, big money news in baseball today. >> yeah. larry beil is here with that. >> the angel deal is insane and the giants, more modest. bringing back a familiar face. sports coming up
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>> good evening. a fan favorite coming back to san francisco. andress torres will return to the giants. he gets a one year contract worth $2 million. a key member of the 2010 world series championship club. he was traded to the mets for this past season for angel pagan. torres could start in left field. maybe there is a platoon. i'm not sure how it will work out. giants skipper said it is great to have him back.
6:53 pm
fans will agree. angels moreno, he laughs at the fiscal cliff. the angels just signed josh hamilton, five years, $125 million. the 31-year-old slugger hit a career high 35 homers, 128 rbis for 80077. he has a history of issues, substance abuse problems. he joins a power pack angels line - up. here is the task for the 49ers on sunday night in new england. stop the highest scoring offense in the nfl, 36 points per game. led by a future hall of fame quarterback in tom brady. patriots, that's won seven straight. strength versus strength. they're only allowing 14 points per contest. tom brady picked apart the houston texans defense. brady says the patriots have to play better to beat the niners sunday night. >> there is no real weakness on
6:54 pm
this defense. they do everything well and you have to do everything well, too. you have to -- that's what happens when you play a team that is capable as they are. they've had a great season and a great season last year. defense is a huge reason why. >> the raiders will play their final home game of the season on sunday. they host the kansas city chiefs. rookie rod streeter is making more and more plays for them. among those surprised by this, the streeter himself. >> deep in the middle! rod streeter! >> streeter, really the last couple games has made big plays for us. >> rod streeter has more thanked. he's an unlikely rising star with four catches for 100 yards against denver and three resuspicions for 96 against cleveland. the undrafted rookie has become carson palmer's favorite. >> this is crazy for me. i thought football was over for
6:55 pm
me and i was looking at getting a job. and then you come here and then the game is on your hands and it's a lot of pressure, then again it's not. it's what you prepare for. >> reporter: only six months ago, streeter was preparing for life after football. a lack luster senior season produced only 19 receptions. [ laughter ] >> fortunate lyrics the football jobs gods were smiling on him. on a whim, he sparked interest from the raiders. >> i gave it a shot. might as well work out. had a good pro day and things turned around from there. i'm glad i gave it a shot. >> nice story. high school basketball, archbishop san jose on national tv. prime time on espn against fort bend travis from texas.
6:56 pm
five seconds left, they're tied at 50. aaron harrison of travis goes for the win. no. misses. in ot, harrison makes up for it. he had 26 points. that was the game winner there. travis, victorious 56-53. this abc 7 sports report brought to you by mercedes benz. >> that's a lot of recruits. >> oh, sure. >> thanks. >> join me tonight at 9:00 o'clock on coffee tv20. coming up, a major retailer goes money ball. can a man who helps run the oakland a's now inspire a winning business? >> then at 11, bart has your back this holiday season. people you've never met are offering a you some protection. it's all coming up at 9 and 11 on abc 7 news. >> we'll see you then. but that is this edition of abc 7 news at 6. >> for larry beil, spencer christian, all of us here at abc christian, all of us here at abc 7
6:57 pm
6:58 pm
this is "jeopardy!" introducing today's contestants -- a training specialist from dallas, texas... ...a social worker from bellevue, washington... ...and our returning champion,
6:59 pm
a computer-chip designer from berlin, massachusetts... and now here is the host of "jeopardy!" -- alex trebek! thank you, johnny. ladies and gentlemen, welcome. our champion, alistair bell, was born just outside of london in england and is now an american citizen and surprised a lot of people yesterday on our show by hiericana.dge how will he do today against the j's -- judy and john? welcome aboard, you two. and good luck to all three. here we go. the jeop of amround. let's start finding out what you know about these subjects. a little bit ardy! everything there.

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